identifying and developingyour resources to harness them better

Executive Coaching

If you are a C-level executive, director or manager facing complex situations, relationships or challenges, I can accompany you to take a step back and reflect on yourself and your environment so that you are better able to identify, develop and harness your own resources.

You will then embark autonomously on a change and performance process, while respecting your own identity and that of your organisation.

Based on mutually agreed objectives and a desire for change, you will move forward, enjoying better interactions, increased effectiveness in your leadership and significant personal improvements.

As a specialist in accompanying leaders in their new role, I help my clients fully integrate their new position and successfully navigate their new challenges.

moving forward togetherthrough mobilisation

Team coaching

The characteristic of a team is to unite different talents, approaches and ways of thinking which sometimes have difficulty in moving forward together.

Faced with changes, crises and transformations, team coaching helps to clarify a common, clear, engaging and mobilising vision.

When I receive a request from a leader, I explore with him the direction he wants his organisation to take.
The team then identifies the vision it wants the organisation to have, the resources it wants to implement and the governance it wishes to adopt so that it can embrace a path of change and collective performance.

Accepting yourselfso you can change

Behavioral Assessment

As you know, self-awareness is one of the fundamental bases of leadership. Moreover, it is only by accepting the way we act that we can work on ourselves and change our own behaviors, for a better personal satisfaction and performance at work.

Harrison Assessments is a recognized and innovative predictive behavioral analysis for your talents.

As a certified Harrison Assessments partner, I accompany my clients in different areas:

  • Identify their strengths, areas for improvement and behavior under stress in order to work on them
  • Evaluating the behavioral factors of success and failure of a person in a specific function
  • Measuring the engagement factors of a person or a group
  • Analyze the risks and opportunities within a team through its interaction pattern.

developing ownershipthrough experimentation

Bespoke Training

As a facilitator and trainer, I devise and run customised workshops on developing leadership, emotional intelligence and personal impact.

My approach is based on interactions and experimentation.

To ensure a positive and lasting impact, I generally favour practice over theory: you remember what you experience, not what you learn.

Proposed topics:

  • Asserting yourself through authentic leadership
  • Develop teams through the manager coach approach
  • Create a convincing, scalable and authentic pitch that suits you

alone we go faster,together we go further

Collective Performance

You want to involve your team or your organization in a new performance momentum.
You want to define a new Vision, strengthen Trust or improve Cooperation, you believe in the collective’s power.

You are aware of a need for change but have difficulty clarifying your need and knowing how to meet it.
You want a tailor-made approach that takes into account your culture, your specificities, your DNA.

To help you define and achieve your objectives, I propose a three-step process:

  • Understand and clarify your request
  • Architect a seminar with proven techniques, allowing you to meet your challenges
  • Facilitate a bold and structured work environment
When you navigate in a torrent, you cannot change the speed of the water or the size of the obstacles, the only adjustment variable is you. 

As a French-Swiss national, I have more than twenty-five years of international experience in the luxury and premium products sector, working for leading international companies.

My career has taken me to several countries and different management positions in multi-channel sales, marketing, strategic management, leading teams of experts and complex projects.

For almost ten years I was Chief Commercial Officer, a member of the Executive Committee reporting to the CEO, at the headquarters of two leading luxury brands.

As a passionate leader, I regularly traveled to five continents and interacted with a wide range of profiles and cultures.

Inspired by human potential and believing in its ability to grow, I am convinced that it is the vector of sustainable individual and collective performance, this is why I have chosen to devote myself to leadership development and change facilitation. I am an Executive Coach certified by HEC Paris and a facilitator and leadership trainer (CP-FFP certified). My work with organizations is particularly inspired by the systemic approach, the Transactional Analysis, the Appreciative Inquiry and the work of Will Schutz, founder of the Human Element®. Empathetic, direct and pragmatic, I enjoy co-creating interactions with openness, passion, humor and authenticity. As a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) I adhere to their code of ethics.


Leadership Development& Change Facilitation

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